Oshkosh woman accused of trafficking 14-year-old girl in Milwaukee; two men accused of sex with her

MILWAUKEE COUNTY -- Three people have been criminally charged -- one of them a 21-year-old Oshkosh woman, accused of trafficking her 14-year-old friend. The two men charged in this case are accused of having sex with the 14-year-old girl at a corner store in Milwaukee.

The accused in this case are:

21-year-old Angela Sweet of Oshkosh

    20-year-old Layith Sadeq of Milwaukee

      22-year-old Jovonta Martin of Milwaukee

        According to the criminal complaint, the 14-year-old victim told investigators on March 21st, she left a home in Milwaukee with Sweet, and they walked to a corner store near 27th and Burleigh. When they arrived there, the victim said Sweet told the victim that the victim "needed to make some money."

        They walked to the back of the store, and met a man named "La," who was later identified as Sadeq, who asked the victim if she wanted to make some money, before escorting her to the basement, where they engaged in sex acts.

        The complaint indicates Sadeq then gave the victim a small bag of marijuana, before she was approached by another man who asked if she wanted to make more money.

        This man was later identified as Martin.

        According to the complaint, the victim said she "didn't want to make any money." The victim said she saw Sadeq hand Sweet $15, telling the victim: "See how easy it is to make money?"

        The victim in this case was able to identify Sadeq and Martin as the suspects in this case via a photo array.

        The complaint indicates investigators spoke with Sadeq, who admitted to having sex with the victim at the store -- telling police that Sweet "did all the talking," and "told him she needed money."

        Sweet and Sadeq made their initial appearances in court in this case on March 31st.

        Cash bond was set at $10,000 for Sweet and $50,000 for Sadeq.

        They will next be in court on April 7th for their preliminary hearings.

        As for Martin -- a warrant has been issued for his arrest.