Oshkosh cemetery struck by vandals twice in two weeks

OSHKOSH (AP) -- An Oshkosh cemetery had been struck by vandals twice in two weeks.

Vandals have knocked down grave markers at Calvary Cemetery, smashed statues and planters and left wreaths strewn around.

Oshkosh police say damage was in the thousands of dollars. They say six gravestones were tipped over in the first incident, and twice that many the second time.

Tom Donovan is an administrator for Oshkosh Catholic Cemeteries. He says it can be hard to determine who should pay for repairs.

Gravestones are considered private property and are generally covered by homeowners insurance. But Donovan says if survivors are dead or can't be found, the cemetery will cover the costs.

Cemetery employee Randy Wertz says the vandals' lack of respect is disheartening.