"Ordinary Heroes" presents donations to Sikh Temple of Wis.

WAUKESHA -- The co-founders of "Ordinary Heroes" presented a check for more than $1,200 to the Sikh Temple Victim Relief Fund on Sunday, August 26th.

Zach Dunton and Kelsie Wendelberger were granted the opportunity to visit the Sikh Temple and present the $1,225.55 check. They say they appreciated the opportunity to deliver the check in person.

"From the minute we arrived we were immediately welcomed and treated like family. The atmosphere was humble, hospitable, loving, and judgment-free," said Zach Dunton. "We're hoping that our actions have inspired others to strive to understand, love, and accept all of our neighbors and to mutually assist those in need.”

"Instead of showing fear and anger, the Sikhs are exemplifying a testimony of peace and reconciliation which we all can learn from," said Kelsie Wendelbreger. "People came to Oak Creek from all over the world to show their support and to be there for those so tragically impacted. It shouldn’t take a situation like this to bring people together, but since this has happened, it is an opportune chance for the world to pledge unity, restore peace, and renew love.”

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