Open Record: Latinos & COVID-19

The push to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine is on and while Wisconsin continues to hit positive milestones, there is a bit of a battle. Health officials across the state are working on equitable distribution and so far, the majority of vaccines in Milwaukee County have gone to white people. However, part of making sure there's equity in distribution is convincing people to get the vaccine in the first place. In this episode of Open Record, the FOX6 Investigators invite FOX6 reporter Angelica Sanchez on to talk about a recent story she did involving the Latino community.

Her story stemmed from personal experiences and national studies that show Latinos are showing more skepticism about the COVID-19 vaccine than other groups. Angelica breaks down the numbers from the CDC regarding hospitalization and death rates among Latino COVID-19 patients. She also explains how public health leaders and medical experts are working to combat vaccine misinformation, especially in ethnic groups considered more at-risk. Angelica also talks about what she's hearing in the Latino community in our area. Plus, in today's Off the Record segment, the team tackles a hot-button issue: The thermostat setting in your house in winter. You'll hear how Amanda changed her tune about the temperature in her house, why Bryan brought his Mom into the conversation, and the temperature inside Angelica's house that made us gasp.

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