ONLY ON FOX6: Capitol Police officer stabbed in neck now recuperating

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The Capitol Police officer stabbed on the job in downtown Milwaukee on Wednesday, April 10th is back home. He's recuperating and talking only to FOX6 News.

66-year-old Greg Friberg was working as a Capitol Police officer, patrolling the state office building in downtown Milwaukee. He's been doing it the past eight years. For Friberg, it's a nice change of pace after nearly 34 years as a New Berlin police officer.

"Quite often it's kind of a glorified information officer. You're telling people, you know most people come in and they don't know where to go so you help them find the right office," said Friberg.

It was a typical day until around 1 p.m. on Wednesday. Friberg was called to the fourth floor for an alarm. When he got there, a 25-year-old man stabbed him.

"He buried the knife in my neck," said Friberg. "I never saw a knife. I thought I'd been struck with a fist."

Instead of giving in, Friberg's training kicked in.

"Tried to take him into custody but he was a lot younger and faster," said Friberg.

In fact, Friberg tells FOX6 News, that it wasn't until he had reached a stairwell that he even realized he had been stabbed.

"Once I saw the amount of blood coming out, I realized it was more than a punch," said Friberg.

Still, Friberg kept after the suspect. However, once the two reached the lobby, Friberg made a tactical decision to stop the chase. The suspect was now out of the building and Friberg had bigger problems with which to deal.

"I realized that anything further on my part would be silly and fruitless and I might be putting myself further in harm's way. So I called for a med unit," said Friberg.

Two days later, the wound on Friberg's neck is obvious. But Friberg is in good spirits.

Friberg says he will not quit the Capitol Police job anytime soon. He expects to be back at it in just a couple of weeks.

Friberg also serves as the State Fair Park Mounted Unit Commander and says you'll see him in the saddle this August.

As for the man who stabbed Friberg, he remains in police custody awaiting official charges.

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