Only minor injuries suffered when vehicle crashed into "Nolan Accounting" near 108th & Cold Spring

GREENFIELD -- A vehicle crashed into the "Nolan Accounting Center" located near 108th and Cold Spring on Thursday night, April 7th. A lieutenant with the Greenfield Fire Department told FOX6 News it is believed the driver suffered some sort of medical condition that led to this crash. Lt. Rich Lambe with the Greenfield Fire Department said two people were in the vehicle that was headed southbound on 108th Street when it crossed over into the northbound lanes and then entered the parking lot of the Nolan Accounting Center before going into the building. The passenger of the vehicle told officials the driver, a 58-year-old man, suffered a medical condition that caused him to lose control of the vehicle. PHOTO GALLERY There were people inside the Nolan Accounting Center -- but there was no one in the area the car entered. One person inside the building suffered minor injuries. The driver and passenger suffered only minor injuries. They did not have to be taken to the hospital. Their vehicle, however, was totaled, according to Lambe.