"Online campus:" The Ridge Community Church now allows parishioners to take in services from home

MILWAUKEE -- A church in Greenfield is using technology to bring services to parishioners right in the comfort of their own homes. You can now take part in a Ridge Community Church service from your own living room.

Jason Vanderpal, executive pastor at The Ridge Community Church

"We got to try new things. We have to approach this with a kind of out of the box mindset -- so we take a non-linear approach to Sunday mornings," Jason Vanderpal, executive pastor at The Ridge Community Church said.

And now, parishioners don't have to physically be inside the church to attend a service.

"People live digitally now, and we wanted to take our message -- which, we feel really good about the message of love and grace -- and get it as far and as deep as we could, so the online campus is part of that," Vanderpal said.

The Ridge Community Church Lead Pastor Mark Weigt

Lead Pastor Mark Weigt says The Ridge Community Church is the first in the region to launch a fully interactive online campus.

"It's more than just a live feed into the service. You have a campus pastor or a pastor of that online experience," Weigt said.

Parishioners can engage online during the service, and take part in the service in real time.

It's something that many can benefit from.

Church services online via The Ridge Community Church

"One is the group that is not going to church. Maybe their friends have been inviting them to church, but they don`t want to come on site or location for whatever reason. They can say 'go check us out online and see what you think,'" Weigt said.

With the online access, the number of people taking part in services continues to grow.

Church services online via The Ridge Community Church

"We are seeing a large percentage of them here locally. We are also seeing people from Florida, Texas, Toronto already logging in and checking us out. It`s part of just bridging or intersecting that message with where they are today their lives," Weigt said.

There are two live online broadcasts each Sunday, provided by The Ridge Community Church.

The Ridge Community Church

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