One week till primary, elections officials prepare for two scenarios

MILWAUKEE -- The April 3rd Wisconsin presidential primary is just one week away, and there is a great deal of confusion after a Dane County judge placed a permanent injunction on Wisconsin's Voter ID Law. Milwaukee County election officials are also dealing with getting ballots reprinted, due to an error. Election clerks say even they aren't sure whether the Voter ID Law will be in place at the polls on April 3rd.

Amidst the continuing confusion, Alice Knitter says she'll do what she can next Tuesday. "I'm a voter, and I will vote next week," Knitter said.

With the Wisconsin presidential primary next Tuesday, voters and election officials are trying to remain aware and prepared. In Greenfield, City Clerk Jennifer Goergen says she and other Milwaukee County election officials have already been dealing with the fact that they still do not have acceptable ballots, due to a printing error. Throw in the uncertainty surrounding the on, then partially off, and potentially back on again Voter ID Law requirements, and confusion abounds.

"I am constantly checking the Government Accountability Board website to see if there's updates, or any new things we need to put in place. Whatever happens, we will have to deal with. We have to be able to switch gears quickly," Goergen said.

Goergen says after conducting a two-hour election worker training session on Voter ID Law regulations Monday, she'll conduct another sort of counter-training Thursday. "We'll be training as if (Voter ID) were not in place, but I am prepared to call a meeting with the election workers (next) Monday, if necessary, if it's to be put back into place," Goergen said.

Goergen says in her six-plus years as Greenfield's city clerk, she's experienced her share of election rules changes, but has yet to experience anything quite like this election cycle. "The Government Accountability Board did say this was the largest amount of law changes that we've ever seen at one time," Goergen said.

Goergen said the supplies needed to comply with the Voter ID Law are ready to be delivered to polling places at the last minute, if necessary. She says having experienced people in key positions is a big help, as is having her 120 or so election workers maintain flexibility.