One Potato review: A family friendly subscription meal box

There are a lot of meal delivery kits to choose from – One Potato is all organic and designed with families in mind.

Meal delivery kits are making dinner time easy! There are so many to choose from. In recent months I’ve tried boxes from Blue Apron, Hello Fresh and Green Chef. Each puts their own twist on the subscription service.

One Potato is setting themselves apart by being a box designed with families in mind.

“I just wanted something that’s for me – a parent, who’s really busy, no time on my hands.” explained founder Catherine McCord, who also runs a food website called Weelicious.

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“Instead of a potato if you’re making fries, we’re going to send you cut fries. All you have to do is toss them on a cooking sheet, little bit of oil and salt, cook them up it. it really easy,” explained McCord.

You can also choose options including vegetarian and nut free.

We made fried chicken with smashed peas, coleslaw and freshly baked biscuits.

The ingredients don’t come processed or in cans, but in easy to open bags.

We quickly breaded the chicken, mixed up the peas and plated the slaw – which is made with yogurt to be healthier. Then I portioned the biscuit dough and baked them in the oven.

“It’s the kind of food you just want to eat, nothing to fussy or fancy,” said McCord.

As for my taste test?

The peas were on point, the chicken was seasoned just right and the healthy slaw cooled things down. The biscuit was an unexpected treat.

“It’s just getting families back together, putting down their electronics, just being together hearing about each other’s days,” concluded McCord.

One Potato boxes start at $60 a week. Their website offers a breakdown of how much each meal serving ends up costing you. It might not be cheaper than the drive through but it’s way higher quality. Also, there’s less waste than buying the ingredients for a recipe.

Right now, One Potato delivers to Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Utah. They have plans to expand to the East Coast soon.