One-on-one interview with Police Chief Ed Flynn following Manney decision

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- So far, no need for reinforcements like the National Guard after the Milwaukee District Attorney ruled the shooting of Dontre Hamilton was justified.

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn fired officer Christopher Manney for his actions leading up to the shooting, but says he's not surprised with today's results.

The chief spoke one-on-one with FOX6 News' Bret Lemoine.

Flynn agrees with Manney's decision to use force, he says he was defending himself against a man with a 'deadly weapon'.

It was back in October when we finally learned the identity of the Milwaukee police officer who shot and killed Dontre Hamilton. Christopher Manney was fired from the department, but not for the shooting. Flynn says Manney's pat-down of Hamilton in Red Arrow Park was against policy.

"Our officers are trained not to unnecessarily escalate an issue involving someone who is mentally ill. We know someone suffering a mental health crisis may become violent," said Flynn.

Police Chief Ed Flynn stands by his decision to fire Manney, even after a no confidence vote against Flynn by the Milwaukee Police Association. After the Hamilton family spent months waiting, Flynn says the DA made the right decision.

"Even at the time of the incident, it was clear to me the use of deadly force clearly indicated he was facing an armed individual and feared for his life," said Flynn.

Milwaukee police had what seemed to be a good relationship with the Hamilton family. But the turning point came Friday, December 19th, when 74 protesters were arrested for blocking I-43.

With protests thinning on the streets Monday night, Flynn is asked what type of future Manney could have within the department.

FOX6 News' Ted Perry asks: "Can Christ Manney be an effective cop ever?

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn responded: "I don't think so, no."

While Flynn says he's doubtful about Manney's future as an officer, he doesn't think Manney should be in jail.