One of three charged in home invasion, sexual assault to be sentenced

Omar Rivera

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- 27-year-old Omar Rivera, one of three men charged in connection with the home invasion, rape and robbery that occurred Saturday, June 29th, will be sentenced Thursday, January 16th.

23-year-old Julio Quiles-Guzman 23-year-old Jose Adames are also facing charges in connection with the incident.

The criminal complaint indicates officials interviewed a couple who said they had just begun watching a movie with their young son (age 4), when they noticed three suspects standing in the kitchen area with guns pointed at them. The suspects were described as having masks and gloves on.

The criminal complaint says one of the suspects said: “If you stay calm and keep quiet, nothing will happen,” to which the man at the apartment said “Take whatever you want!”

The complaint says then, a suspect hit the man over the head with the gun. Then, according to the complaint, another suspect used zip ties to tie the man’s hands together, and then used duct tape to tape his hands and feet together and to cover his eyes and mouth.

The complaint says one of the suspects said: “Someone told us you had money, and you are the owner of a company. We were told you had $40,000 and we want the money.”

That’s when the woman responded: “We don’t have that kind of money. It’s a lie,” according to the complaint.

The complaint says a third suspect said “If you’re lying, we will kill you.”

That’s when the complaint says the woman explained they could go to the bank to prove she wasn’t lying — explaining that she could only take out $500 during the course of a day from an ATM machine.

The complaint says one suspect suggested taking out $500 now, and waiting until midnight to take out $500 more.

Eventually, the complaint says the suspects decided one of them would accompany the woman to the bank. The complaint says the suspect told the woman to drive to the bank, and said if she did anything wrong, he would shoot her.

The two drove to the ATM, and the criminal complaint indicates the woman withdrew $300. The complaint says the suspect told her to try withdrawing more money, but the ATM denied her that ability.

The complaint says as the woman was driving, the suspect instructed her to pull over, kneel in front of him and perform sex acts on him. The complaint says the woman feared for her life, so she complied.

Then, the two returned to the apartment.

That’s when the complaint indicates the suspects said they needed more money, and the man who lived in the home was trying to talk, so they removed the duct tape from his mouth, and he suggested waiting until midnight, and suggested transferring money to withdraw more.

The complaint says two suspects took the man and young boy upstairs into the attic, while the third suspect stayed downstairs with the woman — placing duct tape over her eyes, and eventually walking her upstairs.

The complaint says two suspects then pulled down the woman’s shorts and underwear — and she was again ordered to perform sex acts on the same man who had taken her to the bank.

The complaint says a second suspect had sexual intercourse with the woman at the same time.

After awhile, the suspects switched positions with one another, according to the complaint.

During this time, the complaint indicates the man upstairs heard the woman crying, and heard the suspects hurting the woman, and was banging on the floor.

Eventually, the complaint says the woman was taken to the attic, at which time one of the suspects suggested going to the bank for more money. The same suspect again accompanied the woman to the bank, and she withdrew $500 from the ATM, but was unable to withdraw more, according to the complaint.

The complaint says the woman was ordered to disclose she had only withdrawn $300 — saying if she did otherwise she would be hurt.

When the two returned home, the woman was again directed into the attic, where duct tape was again applied over her eyes, according to the complaint.

The complaint says one of the suspects removed the duct tape from her eyes, and she was ordered downstairs with a suspect — where he took the TV from the living room. The woman was then directed to grab a bag filled with PlayStation games and cell phones, and they took these items to a vehicle outside, according to the complaint.

The complaint says the suspects then duct taped the woman’s extremities, and told her to count to 30 before they raced from the residence.

That’s when the woman grabbed a kitchen knife, and ran upstairs to aid her husband and child, according to the complaint. The family then ran to a neighboring home for help.

“It’s just very sad. We were out here and we could have done something — but we didn’t know what was going on,” said neighbor Janette Mujica.

The suspects were able to get away with the man and woman’s vehicle, a TV, a Nintendo DS, a PlayStation3, a hair straightener, video games, a Dell computer, a Galaxy cell phone, social security cards, credit cards and bank cards, and multiple movies, DVDs, video games and the pet hamster, according to the criminal complaint.

Officials were able to obtain a fingerprint at the scene, identified as that of Omar Rivera.

Rivera was arrested, and admitted participating in the robbery, but denied participating in sexually assaulting the woman.

Rivera told officials the three accessed the home, which the family has since moved out of, through an open back window.

Officials arrested Quiles-Guzman and obtained a search warrant and found evidence in his home, as well as inside Rivera’s home.

Officials also discovered a powdery substance they believe to be heroin inside Quiles-Guzman’s home — in an amount consistent with use for sale.