One day only: Nurses travel in Uber vehicles to deliver flu shots to you

MILWAUKEE -- For one day only, on Thursday, November 19th, nurses will travel around in Uber vehicles delivering vaccinations.


Uber's made a name for itself by making your ride home just a click away. Now, the company is using that technology to mobilize public health. On Thursday only, you can use the Uber app to get your flu shot.

"Less than 50 percent of adults actually receive a flu shot. So we thought we would bring a really easy way to bring this option to people across the country," said Lauren Altmin, Uber spokeswoman.

Here is how it works:

On Thursday, Uber app users will be able to click on UberHEALTH and request a wellness pack. The pack costs $10. When it arrives, you will have the option to get a free flu shot from a registered nurse on the spot. You can get up to 10 free flu shots for each wellness pack purchase.

"So you can request with your co-workers. And you guys can split the cost of the wellness pack and then have the option to request a free flu shot," said Altmin.

Flu shot

Uber is teaming up with Passport Health to offer the service. They piloted the program in a few cities in 2014. It was so successful, they decided to expand it to more than 35 cities this year -- including Milwaukee.

"With this, they can just make a request on an app on their phone and somebody shows up at their house. I think it's great for this type of access for such an important vaccine," said Corey McVey, executive director for Passport Health in Milwaukee.

The service will be available from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. -- and organizers are expecting demand to be high.

"When you go into your app and you open it and you request the UberHEALTH option, you might see something that says, 'All cars are busy' or 'All UberHEALTH is busy.' But keep going back, keep requesting," said Altmin.

Altmin tells FOX6 News the coverage area for this is the downtown core of Milwaukee. They will be offering the service in Madison as well.