"One day at a time:" Mother calls improvements made by four-year-old girl shot in Racine "a miracle"

RACINE (WITI) -- Four-year-old Ja’Nyela Marsh-Highshaw of Racine is improving after she was shot while sitting in a car in Racine last Wednesday evening, November 5th. She was taken to Children's Hospital via Flight for Life after the shooting, and her mother says doctors have told her the little girl is "winning the fight."

"I just want her to get up and get back to herself, her life -- being the little busy body that I miss," Ja'Nyela's mother, Janikka Marsh told FOX6 News.

Janikka Marsh says her young daughter is still hooked up to a machine that's helping her breathe -- but she has had one ventilator removed. She says laying in bed isn't something the little girl is used to.

"My daughter is a little bundle of life. She is so active. She is into music, into church, praise dancing. She is into school. She likes school. She`s like a grown little lady," Janikka Marsh said.

Police say Ja'Nyela Marsh was sitting in a vehicle near 18th and Villa when the shooting occurred.

"Things happen that you can`t change, and you can`t tear yourself down about it. You just have to pray about it and be strong for the child because if you break down, she can hear," Janikka Marsh said.

Janikka Marsh says her faith assures her on a daily basis, but she says she's encouraged by what she is seeing as her little girl begins to improve.

"Everybody has that faith that she`s going to get up. And she is. When we talk to her, we do get a change in vitals. I had a meeting with the neurosurgeon and they said as far as they can see, she`s winning the fight," Janikka Marsh said.

Janikka Marsh is calling her daughter's progress a miracle. This, as police continue to search for the person who shot her.

"There`s a big worry because we don`t know who did or if there was a motive behind it," Janikka Marsh said.

Janikka Marsh says despite the worry over who may have done this, right now, her focus is on her little girl's recovery.

"We`re just taking it one day, one hour, one minute at a time," Janikka Marsh said.

Janikka Marsh says Ja'Nyela isn't yet breathing completely on her own because she's still sedated, but they are weaning her off slowly. Janikka Marsh tells FOX6 News they saw some movement from the little girl on Monday -- which she says is a good sign.

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