One day after 'tax day,' House Speaker Paul Ryan pushes IRS overhaul

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- With tax day in the rear-view mirror, House Speaker Paul Ryan on Tuesday, April 19th pushed for an overhaul of the IRS.

During his weekly meeting with reporters, Ryan had some strong words for the tax collection agency.

Ryan said the IRS is not doing its job and cannot be trusted to police itself.

"Right now, we have a tax code that no one can understand being enforced by an agency no one trusts. We need the IRS and a tax code that works for the taxpayer. We don't have one now and that is one of the causes that this majority is dedicated to," Ryan said.

Americans seem to agree with the need for tax code reform.

The complicated tax code has Americans, on average, spending 16 hours filling out the paperwork to file their taxes.

Thirteen percent of Americans say they would rather spend a night in jail than do their taxes.