On their way to a crash, two squads collide in Green Bay -- causing quite the traffic mess

GREEN BAY (WITI) -- It wasn't your typical two car crash in Green Bay on Wednesday afternoon, September 24th. Both drivers, who are now out of the hospital, are Green Bay police officers! One squad collided with another, causing a traffic mess.

Green Bay police say two officers were responding to a crash when they had one of their own on the busy Mason Street Bridge.

"One officer slowed down for traffic in front of him and the second officer end up rear-ending the first officer. That pushed the first officer forward and then the second officer kind of angled off and went up against the barrier on the bridge," Green Bay Police Lt. Jeffrey Brester said.

The officers crashed a little more than a mile away from the crash they were trying to get to. It was between a moped and a vehicle at the intersection of Oneida Street and Shawano Avenue. Police say they aren't sure why the officers crashed.

"Different dynamics. Officers are going fast, the lights are on, the sirens on, they are trying to navigate through traffic to go to different scenes, so it does happen, but at least this time the squads were damaged, but the officers weren't hurt," Lt. Brester said.

Police say the officers took the Mason Street Bridge to get to the crash at Shawano and Oneida because a train was blocking traffic on Walnut Street. Police say they receive no warning when trains come through, so they often have to make adjustments on the fly when responding to calls.

"When it does happen, officers will radio in that there is a train coming through so other officers that might be closer now because of a different bridge being available will then respond to the original accident," Lt. Brester said.

Police say they aren't sure if the officers were going faster than normal. They say they'll know more once they interview the officers.

Police say one person was seriously injured in the moped crash at Shawano and North Oneida.