On the road again: Gov. Walker tours Wisconsin's technical colleges

MADISON (AP)” -- Governor Scott Walker on Thursday, November 6th traveled to technical colleges across the state as part of his Working for Wisconsin tour to promote workforce development, job creation and economic development.

Governor Walker met with students and faculty at technical colleges in Milwaukee, Green Bay, Wausau, La Crosse, and Madison to highlight the important role they play in meeting the demands of today’s workforce. 

With the election behind him, Governor Walker was talking about policy, not politics today.

"Target the money to where the highest demand is," said Walker.

But after his election night speech laden with references to national politics, a vision of American optimism.

"In America, you can do and be anything you want," Walker said.

Political questions were unavoidable. One in particular, if Walker will run for president in 2016.

"After three elections in four years, I'm just happy to be governor right now," said Walker.

Behind the scenes, Walker is already offering advice on national politics. Wednesday, he spoke with every one of the newly elected U.S. senators.

"I talked to almost every one and said the thing we learned four years ago, as all of you covered, it's put up or shut up time," Walker said.

Chris Christie and both Bill Clinton said the Wisconsin election would have national implications.

"We felt strongly that the election wasn't just about Wisconsin, that it would send a message to other officials," said Walker.

And already the long reach of Scott Walker has extended into neighboring Illinois, where Republican Bruce Rauner, who ran as a sort of "Scott Walker for Illinois" surprisingly defeated incumbent Democrat Pat Quinn.

"Ran in the home of the president saying he was me, and got elected. That's pretty remarkable from where we were four or five years ago," said Walker.

Walker says the next GOP nominee should have executive experience at the state level.

"As of January, there will be 31 good picks out there because we'll have gone up to 31 governors and I think the vast majority of those governors would be much better than the current occupant in the White House," Walker said.

Governor Walker’s vision for the state continues to focus on growing our economy, developing our workforce, reforming government, transforming education, and providing tax relief to Wisconsin's hard-working taxpayers.

“We're going to continue working for Wisconsin and moving our great state forward. We are proud of our reforms and the investments we’ve made in our priorities.  We eliminated a $3.6 billion deficit, provided more than $2 billion in tax relief, improved Wisconsin’s business climate with incentives like the Manufacturing and Ag Tax credit, invested in worker training through programs like Wisconsin Fast Forward, and lowered the tax burden year after year.  We are excited and ready to continue serving the citizens of Wisconsin and investing in our priorities," Governor Walker said.

The accomplishments of Governor Walker’s first term include reforms to improve Wisconsin’s fiscal house and make the state a more competitive place to grow business and to create jobs.  Through tough, but prudent decisions, Governor Walker, his administration, and legislators worked together to eliminate a $3.6 billion deficit and provide more than $2 billion in tax relief.

Governor Walker’s agenda includes investing in our workforce, so people have the opportunity to learn the skills they need for the jobs of today and of tomorrow.  Under Governor Walker, the state has invested $135 million in workforce development.  Beyond traditional educational investments, Governor Walker’s plan provides worker training grants in areas of immediate need, including items like training for healthcare-related jobs in rural and high poverty areas.