On the campaign trail, Scott Walker makes remarks at conservative gathering in San Diego

SAN DIEGO — Governor Scott Walker was set to describe his presidential ambitions at a conservative gathering in San Diego Thursday, July 23rd.

The Republican was a young state legislator when he joined the American Legislative Exchange Council, which is holding its annual showcase for political causes.

The group known as Alec promotes model legislation for state lawmakers on a wide range of business-friendly issues, including "Right-to-Work" measures to prohibit companies and unions from requiring employees to be union members.

At the gathering, Walker outlined his presidential platform -- focusing on reform, growth and safety. He also said America must take a stand against radical Islamic terrorism, and called President Barack Obama's nuclear deal with Iran a clear mistake.

"Iran is not a place we should be doing business with. As President I will terminate that the very first day I`m in office -- reinstate the sanctions, work with Congress to put in place more crippling sanctions and convince our allies to do the same," Walker said.

Walker and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee were to address the group Thursday on their GOP presidential campaigns.

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, also a Republican presidential contender, canceled his appearance, citing a need to be in the Senate to cast votes.