On Thanksgiving eve, Community Bark packed with pooches getting cleaned up & ready for petting!

BAYSIDE (WITI) -- On Thanksgiving Eve, Community Bark in Bayside was packed with pooches as folks looked to get their pups ready for petting on Thanksgiving Day!

"The day before Thanksgiving -- for some reason everybody wants to make sure that their dogs are clean. We're pretty well booked," Community Bark founder Andrew Appel said.

It was all hands on deck, and all hands on dog on Wednesday, November 26th.

Community Bark gave dogs owners the chance to freshen up Fido just in time for the family-oriented holiday.

"We don't want to offend anyone, so we're here to get the dog smelling nice and clean," a dog owner named Jay said.

"We travel for the holidays, so we can't take a hairy dog to mom and dad's house. We go in and they give us all the supplies and they clean up," a dog owner named Bethany said.

Appel says business was booming on Wednesday.

"Probably over, 45 to 50 dogs were here, so that's a pretty busy day for a little shop here. I mean --  how many people get to hang out with dogs all day? It's great," Appel said.

Community Bark has two locations -- one in Bayside, and another in Bay View. On a normal day, about 30 dogs go through the shop.

We're told the next busiest day is just before Christmas.

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