On Election Day, campaign volunteers still hard at work driving voter turnout

MILWAUKEE -- Election Day in Milwaukee brought a new volley of overtures from campaign workers as voters took to the polls following months of campaigning from candidates.

"We've had so many people who have never been involved in politics, never been involved in elections. Some come out and say 'What can we do?'" Keith Best with the Republican Party of Wisconsin said.

"We have people coming in all day long to make calls. It's great," Obama campaign volunteer Annie Dewalt said.

Both Best and Dewalt told FOX6 News the presidential racewill come down to voter turnout. Polls prior to Election Day indicated the race in a dead heat, but experts say the polls mean nothing if voters don't make their voices heard at the ballot box.

In additional to calling voters, to hopefully drive them to the polls on Election Day, volunteers also knocked on doors. Some volunteers came from out of state and even other countries to ramp up Wisconsin's voter turnout.

Both political parties said there's too much at stake in this election to waver in their campaign efforts, even with hours left to go before the polls closed Tuesday. Campaign volunteers told FOX6 News they were excited to watch the results roll in Tuesday night.

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