Omega restaurant open for now, another hearing set for Dec. 18

MILWAUKEE -- The popular "Omega" restaurant on Milwaukee's far south side reopened on Saturday, December 1st after temporarily closing its doors on Friday night. As of Monday, December 3rd, the restaurant was open, after a judge issued a restraining order.

An attorney representing one of the partners that owns the Omega restaurant at 27th and Morgan says the shutdown occurred because of an ongoing seven-month-long dispute between two partners.

The licenses for the restaurant are apparently in Konstantinos Maltezos' name, but he and Gus Koutromanos are co-owners of the business -- each owning 50%. However, their partnership has been anything but peaceful in recent months.

On Friday, Koutromanos turned in various operational licenses and asked the city to shut Omega down.

The closure created confusion among customers, who worried about the safety of the food.

"I wanted to make clear to everyone that the operation runs perfectly. The food is up to the standards. A lot of people have questions that might concern them about the health and the food, but I want to make sure they get the message that there is nothing wrong. It has nothing to do with that," Koutromanos said.

Maltezo says he is looking to be bought out.

"If they're able to buy me out, I'm okay with that. Just buy me out, and then there won't be no problem. If they don't do that then I'm gonna have to do what I gotta do with the licenses and there's nothing they can do about it. I'm just gonna have to close the place down," Maltezo said.

Another court hearing is scheduled for December 18th.