"Oliver meant so much to our family:" Mother says daughter's dog thrown from third-story balcony "to spite her"

KANSAS CITY (WITI) -- A Kansas City mother is horrified after learning her daughter's dog was killed -- thrown from a third-story balcony -- allegedly by her ex-boyfriend.

KCTV in Kansas City, Missouri says Debbie Ervie got a call from her daughter this past weekend -- saying her ex-boyfriend had killed the puppy "to spite her."

"My heart just sank. And hearing her hysterical, it just -- it broke my heart that she was two-and-a-half hours away from me, and I can't get to her immediately," Ervie told KCTV.

Ervie says her daughter, Gabby, is a student at Missouri State University in Springfield.

The man accused of killing her dog is William "Trip" Rabourn III.

KCTV reports court documents say Gabby and Rabourn had a "sort-of" romance.

Apparently, he got handsy at a party. She ditched him -- leaving him at a gas station without a ride.

That's when KCTV says Rabourn went to Gabby's apartment, kicked the door in, and grabbed her dog Oliver -- a Maltese-Poodle mix.

Rabourn then allegedly walked to a third-story hall window.

Police say Rabourn threw the dog overhand out the window.

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