O&H Danish Bakery opens its doors, shows you how its famous Kringles are created

RACINE -- The owners of O&H Danish Bakery in Racine opened their doors on Tuesday, Dec. 3 to let the world see how they make their delectable creations and many varieties of Kringle.

This season,  the bakers have created something they call Santa's Secret Christmas Kringle. It features a red velvet cream, vanilla pudding, a creamy topping and more red velvet crumbs to top it all off.


Eric Olesen, President of O&H Danish Bakery met with reporters on Tuesday -- and spoke about his bakers and the customers who make his business hum.

"We're in a special place here. People in Racine love bakery. They love Kringle. They make us a better place," Olesen said. "Racine is a wonderful place -- it's a happy place. That's what a bakery is -- it's a happy place."

When asked what was next for O&H, Olesen said it's top-secret -- but there is a new Kringle for every season.