Officials urge people to learn CPR for Heart Health Month

GREENFIELD (WITI) -- It could happen anytime or anywhere.

"Every minute that goes by they lose up to a 10 percent chance of actually surviving," said Healthline First Aid owner Andy Berger.

You see someone go into cardiac arrest, what do you?

"60% are witnessed, out of those 60 percent that are witnessed 30 percent actually have someone intervene," said Cardio-Start owner Dave Rusch.

To increase people's chances of survival, Berger is encouraging people to learn CPR.

He teaches his students to make sure the scene is safe, check the person to see of they're unresponsive, ask someone to call 911, and then check their breathing.

"You look at the chest see if there is any breathing for five to ten seconds or if they're only gasping we don't consider that adequate breathing and then you begin CPR immediately," said Berger.

You should perform 100 chest compressions per minute at least two inches in depth on adults, and an inch and a half using two fingers on the lower half of the breast bone for infants.

It's also important to see if an Automated External Defibrillator or AED is available.

"Studies have shown double or even triple the chances of surviving a cardiac arrest when you use one of these devices," said Rusch.

The AED provides visual and verbal prompts for a user to shock a heart back into a normal rhythm.

"If there is a normal heart rhythm it will not advise a shock so it's impossible to shock a healthy heart," said Rusch.

Education that could pay off by saving a life.

If you're interested in taking a CPR class at Healthline First Aid CLICK HERE.