Officials: Suspects kidnap Kenosha woman and her children, ages 2 and 5, to rob bank in Racine

Home near 37th and Concordia

MILWAUKEE -- Court documents released Thursday, July 11 -- totaling dozens of pages -- paint a disturbing scene of what took place in a basement near 37th and Concordia in Milwaukee. A mother and her two young children were held against their will. Police say it was part of an elaborate plan for money.

The Kenosha mother and her two young children were given a bucket to use as a toilet and Happy Meals to eat as their alleged kidnappers plotted a major heist.

Police identified the suspects as Donterious Robb, 23, William Howell, 19, George Pearson-Robb, 19, and Lamarra Powell, 18. Officials say they are responsible for kidnapping the branch manager of the Racine Wells Fargo bank, taking the manager and her children -- ages 2 and 5 -- from outside their home on June 29.

William Howell, George Pearson-Robb, Lamarra Powell, Donterious Robb

Investigators say the suspect drove the family back to Milwaukee in the woman's 2008 Chevy Impala, holding them at gunpoint with what police say was actually a fake gun.

Home near 37th and Concordia

According to court documents, the men took them to a basement near 37th and Concordia, and planned to rob the bank where the woman works.

The family was driven back to the bank early in the morning, using the woman's security codes to gain access.

Police say the suspects eventually had the woman disable the alarm and they entered the vault, stuffing bags with cash.

The woman and children were left at the bank as the suspects took off in her car. The phone lines inside the bank weren't working, so the woman ran outside and luckily someone was at the ATM. They called 911.

Later that morning, police say the suspects torched the car and abandoned it near Buffum and Clarke in Milwaukee.

Surveillance video ended up helping police catch the suspects. Two weeks later, all four are being held behind bars.