Officials, state and local, share their thoughts on the presidential outcome, other races

MILWAUKEE -- The outcome of the presidential election has people talking -- near and far. Officials, state and local are weighing in with their own thoughts on the big race on the ballot -- and many of the rest. They are as follows:

Governor Scott Walker

"Tonight is a win for taxpayers and a win for America.  As we start the work of putting our country back on track, our leaders should look to Wisconsin and be willing to make the decisions needed to enact serious reforms, just like we did in the Badger State."

Sen. Ron Johnson (R - Wisconsin)

“Congratulations to President-elect Trump on his victory last night. I look forward to working with him and with Speaker Ryan and Governor Walker on strengthening our economy, helping to make communities safe, and making government more efficient, effective and accountable for the people of Wisconsin. Those of us who have competed in our free market system know how to get real results. By focusing on our shared goal – a safe, prosperous and secure America – and concentrating on areas of agreement, we can put America on the right path to provide opportunity for all Americans.”

Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D - Wisconsin)

“I am proud of the campaign Hillary Clinton ran and I remain committed to our belief that America is stronger together. It is now my hope that Washington will hear the voices of all Americans and join together across party lines to build an economy that works for everyone. That will be my top priority as I continue my work for the people of Wisconsin, and my fight to make a difference in people's lives."

Assembly Democratic Leader Peter Barca (D - Kenosha)

"This certainly was a gut-wrenching and surprising election, and our state was swept in a Trump wave that upended the races for President, Congress, State Senate, and the State Assembly.

"There is a lot we disagree on, but as I traveled the state I heard common concerns – that people want high-quality schools, family-supporting jobs, better infrastructure and a stronger middle class. Unfortunately, those things have been out of reach for too many Wisconsinites.

"There will be many pundits analyzing these results for weeks, but what is crystal clear is that voters are dissatisfied with the status quo. Therefore, the one caveat for Wisconsin Republicans is the majority of our citizens believe our state is going in the wrong direction.

"So I hope we can work together to solve our transportation crisis, let’s fund our public schools, let’s grow jobs and wages, let’s tackle student loan debt – and let’s end this endless cycle of power grabs and special interest influence that has made people in Wisconsin feel like the system is rigged against them. Here in this state, protecting clean open and transparent government is especially vital at this time of complete one-party control.

"Democrats will never cease to be a voice for all people – especially those who woke up this morning feeling alienated and powerless in their own country. At the same time, people overwhelmingly want us to work together so Democrats will continue advocating for important issues like clean water, good roads and quality schools and hopefully we can find some degree of common ground.

"We hope all citizens will join together by staying engaged in our communities, in our state and in the country we love.

"I congratulate President-elect Donald Trump, and I pray that he will find a way to serve all the people of this country, as he appropriately indicated last night."

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Martha Laning

"Like so many of you, I am disappointed by Tuesday’s results.  However, while these were not the results we hoped for, the people have spoken, and now it is up to us to come together to move our state and our nation forward.

"Despite our disappointment, we must not get discouraged and walk away from the process. We must unite and work for the American dream we all believe in.

"As Democrats, we will forge onward and continue to fight for hard-working men and women who want a fair shot to get ahead. We will continue to advocate for future generations of Americans who deserve the opportunity to live the American dream. And, in an election year marked by divisiveness and hate, we will continue to stand up for inclusiveness and respect for all Americans no matter their race, color, or creed.

"We will also work to hold President-Elect Trump accountable to the people who elected him. Like many, we are deeply concerned that his policies will be harmful to the millions of hardworking Americans who most need help in these challenging times.

"I want to thank all of the fantastic Democratic candidates who had the courage and vision to run for office in this election: From Hillary Clinton, to Russ Feingold, to our amazing candidates up and down the ballot.  Their passion and dedication was an inspiration to so many around this state.  Win or lose, we were proud to stand with each and every one of you. As Secretary Clinton said only moments ago, this loss hurts, but we must all continue to fight for what we believe in.  As Democrats, that’s exactly what we intend to do."

Senate Democratic Leader Jennifer Shilling (D - La Crosse)

“I want to thank and congratulate all of the candidates who stepped up, put their name on the ballot and campaigned across the state. Running for elected office is no small undertaking, especially in this new era of unlimited special interest campaign spending and deep partisan divide.

“While the end result is not what many had hoped for or anticipated, we must come together and move Wisconsin forward. From student loan debt relief and higher family wages to infrastructure investments and groundwater protections, Senate Democrats are committed to advancing solutions to the most pressing issues facing our state. I look forward to continue working with my Senate Democratic colleagues to strengthen Wisconsin’s middle class, reinvest in our schools and expand economic opportunities for hardworking families.”