Officials release relatively clear surveillance photos of smiling Woodman's skimmer suspects

HOWARD -- Officials with the Brown County Sheriff's Office have released some relatively clear surveillance photos in their effort to identify the individuals responsible for placing a skimmer device on a card reader at the Woodman's store on Duck Creek Parkway in Howard.

According to sheriff's officials, it happened on November 19th, around 9:15 p.m.

An unidentified male and female entered the store, and eventually made their way to a self checkout with a few items.

The male removed the cover to the card reader, leaving only the touch screen portion intact. He placed the cover in his pants pocket, and then retrieved the skimmer device from a pocket inside his jacket -- placing it on the card reader.

Officials say the skimmer device fit around the touch screen, and as the man was doing this, the female suspect was attempting to block the camera view with a large package of toilet paper.

A Woodman's employee discovered the skimmer device and turned it over to a deputy.


It is unknown whether the suspects were able to obtain individuals' card information.

Officials have released surveillance photos of the suspects and the vehicle that dropped them off at the store.

Sheriff's officials noted there have been similar incidents where suspects have been identified placing skimmer devices across the state.

If anyone can identify these suspects, you're asked to contact the Brown County Sheriff's Office.