Officials investigate bomb threat at Grafton High School Tuesday morning

GRAFTON -- Grafton School District officials investigated a bomb threat at the high school early Tuesday, October 2nd -- the same day officials at Racine Park High School investigated a suspicious device found inside the school. This is the latest in a series of bomb threats at area schools in recent weeks. Monday, October 1st a 17-year-old Greendale student was charged for a bomb threat that disrupted Homecoming activities at the school.

Grafton School District officials reported someone found a bomb threat written on a first floor bathroom wall around 7:40 a.m. Tuesday. The threat read: "This is a bomb threat. Detonation plus 12:33. Good luck."

Students were evacuated to St. Joe's Church while the Milwaukee County Bomb Squad searched the school. Milwaukee County canine units were also used for a sweep of the school. Nothing suspicious was found.

Caleb Keshemberg is a Grafton High School senior who said Tuesday's bomb threat was disruptive.

"I think the student should be expelled and possibly charged with a felony. I wasn't really thrilled when I heard the news," Keshemberg said.

Officials jumped into action as soon as the bomb threat was found, as teachers escorted students to St. Joe's Church.

"We walked. Our teachers just kind of escorted us all the way to St. Joe`s and we walked and the police just kind of separated the traffic," Keshemberg said.

Brett Corner has two daughters who attend Grafton High School. While surprised to hear about the bomb threat, he said he is relieved by the actions taken by law enforcement and school leaders to keep kids safe.

 'I know they evacuated the school for a little while and I think it`s good precaution on the administration`s part," Corner said.

Grafton School District Superintendent Jeff Pechura says disruptions like Tuesday morning's incident are frustrating.

"It takes time away from our students and learning, and that's the motive. That's why we're here," Pechura said.

Grafton Police Captain Joseph Gabrish says the investigation is ongoing, and the student(s) responsible will be prosecuted.

"There are cameras in the hallway near where this bathroom is. That`ll help us and heed us in our investigation," Captain Gabrish said.

Though this is Grafton's Homecoming Week, Superintendent Pechura said he is not convinced that has anything to do with Tuesday's bomb threat. However, students were told that because of their abbreviated school day, some of their Homecoming activities may be abbreviated as well.

Greendale's bomb threat disrupted Homecoming activities, as the Homecoming dance was moved from the high school to the middle school so the high school could be searched.