Officials host meeting in Shorewood to discuss rash of recent burglaries

SHOREWOOD -- On Monday evening, November 26th, neighbors in Shorewood gathered to discuss way to stop burglaries. This, after authorities say Shorewood has had 11 home burglaries over the past two months.

Officials say one person has been taken into custody, but they believe other suspects are still out there.

At the meeting, officials stressed locking doors, lighting homes and alerting police to any suspicious activity.

"If it doesn't feel right, give us a call. We'd rather come out a hundred times and find nothing wrong than not come out that one time and have that home burglarized," Shorewood Police Chief David Banaszynski said.

Banaszynski says similar burglaries have been reported on Milwaukee's east side, Whitefish Bay and Fox Point. He said Shorewood residents requested Monday night's meeting.