Official: Trempealeau County sees in $1.1M in flood damage from Labor Day storms

STRUM — An official in northwestern Wisconsin's Trempealeau County estimates flash flooding there has caused about $1.1 million in damage.

Wisconsin Emergency Management has said strong storms moved across the state early Monday morning, September 7th. The Strum Dam was covered by water, leading the Buffalo River to rise downstream.

Trempealeau County emergency coordinator Dan Schreiner says the damage calculation includes "significant losses" at a business and a home in Eleva. He says six other businesses in Eleva had minor water damage, and roughly 40 structures in Osseo had minor losses.

Schreiner said waters were down dramatically in Trempealeau County on Tuesday.

Jackson County emergency management coordinator Kristina Page told the Leader-Telegram that a conservative estimate for damage there is around $200,000. In Buffalo County, emergency coordinator Steve Schiffli says damage was minimal.

Flood waters continue to subside Wednesday after heavy rains fell across Wisconsin Monday and Tuesday. West Central Wisconsin saw the heaviest damage from those storms with four to seven inches of rain reported. Damage to public infrastructure (roads, bridges, etc.) is estimated at $670,000. Local and county governments impacted by this damage can apply for aid through the Wisconsin Disaster Fund.

Buffalo County:

Buffalo County remains under a State of Emergency. County officials say the Strum Dam is holding and appears to be working as designed with water levels on the Buffalo River subsiding. The county received 20 clean-up kits from the American Red Cross to help residents recover.

Clark County:

The Town of Seif remains under a State of Emergency as crews begin repair work along Strangfeld due to a culvert washout. The Town of South Foster has also declared a State of Emergency.

Eau Claire County:

Eau Claire County Emergency Management reports approximately $300,000 in damage to roadways due to the heavy rain and another $3000 in protective measures (blocking roads, etc.). A crane floating on a barge broke free and drifted down the Chippewa River. A tug boat has returned it undamaged to its original location.

Jackson County:

Jackson County Emergency Management director reported eight roads are still closed. Officials estimate $200,000 in road damage and $2,000 in protective measures. Jackson County, the Town of Garfield and the Town of Cleveland are under a State of Emergency.

Milwaukee County:

Tuesday’s rains caused a power line to drop across all lanes of Interstate 94 stopping traffic for a short period and later triggered a mudslide near the Zoo Interchange on US Highway 45 southbound. All roads have reopened.

Trempealeau County:

Trempealeau County remains under a State of Emergency along with the City of Osseo and the Village of Eleva. Cleanup kits from the American Red Cross were delivered to the Osseo City Hall (35 kits) and the Eleva Village Hall (15 kits). The City of Osseo is providing dumpsters for household debris removal and information is posted on Osseo Fire Department’s social media site. City of Osseo officials also alerted the public today that a mixture of wastewater and floodwater was pumped out of the Osseo sanitary system to relieve and prevent basement flooding. The wastewater made its way into the Buffalo River below the Osseo Dam. This flow contains an undetermined amount of fecal matter that could be dangerous to humans. Officials are urging residents to use caution when around river water and do not allow children to play in the river. Trempealeau County Emergency Management Director reports $1.955 million in damage to homes and businesses in Osseo, Strum and Eleva. Officials say 25 homes were impacted by high water and one suffered major damage estimated at $275,000 with minor damage to 16 businesses with another suffering major damage (Family Farms) at a cost of $1,680,000. The county estimates $50,000 in road damage, $20,000 in debris clearance, $85,000 in protective measures and $10,000 in water control facilities.