Obama to hit campaign trail with Biden following debate

(CNN) -- President Barack Obama will campaign in Florida on Tuesday after the final presidential debate with Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

The president will deliver remarks at a grassroots event in Delray, Florida before traveling to Ohio for a rare joint-appearance Tuesday with Vice President Joe Biden in Dayton, the Obama campaign announced Friday.

Biden will spend early next week in Ohio, campaigning from Monday to Wednesday in the battleground state.

Obama and Romney will face off for the final time this election season at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida on Monday night. The debate will focus on foreign policy issues.

Romney was deemed the unofficial winner of the candidate's first showdown in Colorado while a CNN/ORC International poll of debate watchers found Obama narrowly edged out Romney in their second encounter.

Both Florida and Ohio are considered "toss ups" on CNN's Electoral Map. Florida holds 29 electoral votes while Ohio has 18. As highly-contested territory, the states face a barrage of campaign ads and candidate visits as the weeks draw closer to Election Day.