Oak Creek high school student's duct tape prom dress; theme is harmony

Many high school girls dream of finding the perfect prom dress, but not too many think of making one. A student from Oak Creek High School designed an outfit that is sure to stick with a ton of tearing, slicing and perfect patience.

"I have spent over 272 hours working on this dress," said Ritika Singh.

Singh completed a unique dress, but it's not made out of any silk or chiffon.

"I used roughly 38 rolls of duct tape," Singh said.

Every inch of her dress was made with tape.

"I think the biggest challenge was stuff sticking to itself because it was very sticky," said Singh.

The Oak Creek High School senior entered Duck Tape's Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest. Students are challenged to create and wear their own prom outfits made entirely from duct tape.

"I've got all the flags, according to the UN," said Singh.

The theme is harmony.

"I've got a human chain. Two humans together, they make a heart," Singh said. "And I thought that was a cute touch."

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Ritika Singh dress

"I feel like if all of the religions, countries, people, in general, come together, I think we would have a more beautiful society," said Singh.

There's a purse and corsage, too. Singh was so dedicated, she missed Senior Skip Day to work on her huge design. She didn't actually wear the dress to prom.

"It's probably bigger than me," said Singh.

When Singh steps into the dress, she feels something special.

"It made me feel very empowered because it was like the message of my dress was flowing through me," Singh said.

Ritika Singh dress

Singh could win $10,000, but her feeling of pride is priceless.

"I'm very happy with it. It makes me feel content," said Singh. "I feel like it's the right design for me and the dress."

Singh will find out if she moves on to the scholarship competition later in June. She is heading to Hofstra University in the fall for college.

For more information on the scholarship contest and instructions on how to vote for Singh's dress, click here.