NYPD releases surveillance video from Wednesday Lindsay Lohan arrest

NEW YORK (CNN) -- The New York City Police Department released surveillance video Thursday, September 20th from a traffic incident a day earlier that led to Lindsay Lohan being charged with leaving the scene of an accident.

But specifics about what exactly happened remained as unclear as the video itself.

The black-and-white video, which covers less than 30 seconds, was shot by a private surveillance camera and obtained by police the night of the incident, according to NYPD Detective Marc Nell.

Lohan was driving a Porsche Cayenne into the parking lot of the Dream Hotel off West 16th Street when she allegedly hit a pedestrian who is an employee of the restaurant next door, said Sgt. John Buthorn, a New York Police Department spokesman.

The video shows a dark car with its headlights on passing through a group of pedestrians as it turns from the street into an entrance. As the car disappears into the entrance and out of the frame, a blurred figure is seen appearing to run after the car.

Included with the surveillance video was a police description of the incident that does not directly state the pedestrian was ever struck by Lohan's vehicle. The description also clearly states the pedestrian remained standing and walking during the entire incident.

Nell of the NYPD confirmed a Wednesday report that the alleged victim was treated at a hospital for a knee injury after the incident.

The actress continued driving before parking her car and apparently leaving the scene shortly after midnight, Buthorn said. Police arrested her about 2:30 a.m. Wednesday, and she was given a desk-appearance ticket, meaning she was not jailed nor did she have to post bail..

Earlier this year, Lohan's five-year supervised felony probation in California from two drunken driving incidents in 2007 was lifted. She remains on unsupervised probation for a misdemeanor shoplifting convictions last year.

Lohan has been in court at least 19 times since May 2007.

Buthorn said police do not suspect drugs or alcohol played a role in the latest incident.

Although the surveillance description never cites Lohan ever striking the pedestrian, "everything stands as is" and the actress will still be required to appear in court, according to the police department.

A representative for Lohan told CNN, "As the facts of this situation come to light, it is going to be apparent there was no accident."

Lohan is scheduled to appear in court on October 23, according to the Manhattan district attorney's office.

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