Nurse surprised by co-workers with regional award; 'This isn't a job for me, it's a higher calling'

MILWAUKEE -- An area nurse is getting some well-deserved recognition for going above and beyond to serve her patients.

Jamie Stephenson has been working with assisted living clients for just a couple of years, but those who know her say she has the finesse of someone who has been doing the job her entire life.

On Monday, March 19, Stephenson showed up for work only to be surprised by her co-workers holding signs of congratulations.

Jamie Stephenson

Jamie Stephenson

Diane Lincoln, BrightStar Care

"The feedback we received about her has been unbelievably positive, and she just goes above and beyond all the time," said Diane Lincoln of BrightStar Care.

Stephenson is the winner of a regional nursing award. As a manager, she often chooses to leave her desk and go out into the field to help clients.

"I don't consider this a job. This isn't a job for me, it's a higher calling," Stephenson said.

Bethany Teipel is one of the clients who nominated Stephenson for her award. Teipel's mother was dying -- and in the middle of the night, Stephenson was there.

"Jamie was there with us -- and my mom passed that night and Jamie helped us through all of that," Teipel said.

Consistently, patients say Stephenson's humanity is what separates her from just another nurse doing a job. This award is recognition for that.

"In that night, she became the sister that I didn't have there in that moment, so she for sure became somebody bigger than just a hired person or somebody that was helping us," Teipel said.

Stephenson is now in the running for a national award against three other nurses in the company.

"I truly get to spend my life doing things for other people and that brings me happiness," Stephenson said.