'Not prepared!' Winter extends into spring in Washington County; landscaping trucks plow snow

Farmington's Town Hall

WASHINGTON COUNTY -- FOX6 News found a winter wonderland...in April in Washington County on Wednesday, April 10.

Winter coated spring's shine at Farmington's Town Hall and near Wallace Lake outside West Bend.

Matthew Parmley

"Right now, we're really not prepared for this one!" said Matthew Parmley with Parm's Landscape Management Inc.

You may recall, in mid-April 2018 we also saw a snowstorm.

"We were out landscaping and doing lawn care and we had to transition back again, so this is two years in a row we're going through this process again," said Parmley.

Parm's Landscape Management Inc.

Parm's Landscape Management Inc.

Parmley and his crew worked quickly Wednesday -- turning landscaping trucks into plow trucks.

Tom Hawe

"Not only do we have to get the snowblowers out again, get them all messed, we have to clean them all up and put them away again," said Parmley.

Near Crystal Lake, landscaping crews got their work done just in time before the treated roads got some wear.

"They're pretty used to jumping around, chasing Mother Nature, if you will -- working when the sun is shining, and shoveling or plowing snow when it's snowing," said Tom Hawe with Serenity Farm Landscaping.

From Sheboygan, where there wasn't much snow during Wednesday evening's rush, to a snow-covered hood 10 miles away, where a short trip to the mailbox wasn't so dry, and neither was a quick drive, Mother Nature made things tricky as winter extended into spring.

"I do think the expectations from our client base will be a wide range of expectations too," said Parmley.

There were a few weather-related crashes in Washington County, including a vehicle in the ditch near Richfield that closed the left lane of I-45 southbound temporarily.