North Carolina lawmakers propose sugary drink bill

NORTH CAROLINA (WITI) -- North Carolina lawmakers have proposed a bill to prohibit lawmakers from limiting the size of soft drinks.

The "Common Sense Consumption Act" would keep the North Carolina government out of deciding how big your sugary drink would be.

Representative Brian Brown proposed the act. He believes government energies can be better spent elsewhere.

"Once you start counting calories for everybody where do you stop? They're going to put us all on a diet. Send us to jail for over eating, over drinking. Obesity is much more complex than the number of soft drinks someone drinks but if someone does become obese while drinking soft drinks, it's not the size of the cup's fault," Brown said.

Mississippi passed what is being called the "Anti-Bloomberg Law" last month. It says any law that might restrict what state residents can eat or drink has to go through them -- barring any federal regulations.