"No major issues:" Wisconsin Elections Commission says phones, polling places are busy

MADISON -- The Wisconsin Elections Commission reported as of about 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday, November 8th that there had been no major issues reported in the election so far.

According to the WEC post on their website:

"Many of the callers are simply looking for their polling place or have questions about acceptable proof of residence or photo ID.  We have had several callers who would like their ballot counted by hand even though their municipality uses voting equipment and we have indicated that the ballots must be tallied by the equipment.  As usual, a few of the early calls involved setting up polling places or voting equipment issues.  A couple of clerks notified us that they needed to use a back-up cartridge for their voting equipment because the election inspectors had made an error in the initial set-up.  Fortunately the vendor had planned ahead and made available extra cartridges due to the number of municipalities using that equipment for the first time at a high turnout election."

One of Milwaukee's busier wards on the near north side blocks from Lake Michigan had nearly 400 voters by mid-morning. Chief inspector Shana Lucas says that's more votes that some elections draw during the whole day in that ward.

Lines were long before the workday at Milwaukee's municipal building in downtown Milwaukee.

State elections officials expect more than 3 million people will vote in this election in Wisconsin.