No charges to be filed after 1-year-old boy became tangled in window blinds, suffocated

SHEBOYGAN -- Sheboygan police and the Sheboygan County district attorney have determined no charges will be filed in connection with a case in which a 1-year-old boy died after he became tangled in window blinds.

It happened near 27th and Center on April 24. Police said the death was accidental.

According to police, the child was napping in a portable crib when he was found to have climbed out of the crib and suffocated after he became tangled in the window blind cords on a window in the room he was in.

The boy's caregiver said she cares for her own children and other children daily at a home that's not licensed as a day care.

Police noted in a news release that the victim's family and caregiver have a relationship beyond the childcare services, and said this was a traumatic experience.

They also advised that window blinds in homes and businesses are dangerous for children, and police hope you may use this tragedy as an opportunity to safeguard your surroundings. CLICK HERE to learn more.