No charges for security guards arrested after fight with man in wheelchair outside Jalisco's

MILWAUKEE -- The security team involved in a fight outside Jalisco's Mexican restaurant near Cesar Chavez Drive and Washington Street won't face charges, FOX6 News confirmed Tuesday, May 14.

Viewer video from Sept. 21, 2018 showed the brawl in front of the restaurant. The man who took the video said the man in the wheelchair caused a small disturbance inside the restaurant and was kicked out when security guards started fighting him.

The two security guards, who were arrested, said they were defending themselves.

"'Go, go, go' and the guy don't want to go," said Jose Carrasquillo, owner of J.C. Public Safety LLC. "He grabbed my security by the bulletproof vest so hard -- pull him to the floor, hit him."

Carrasquillo said the man in the wheelchair was belligerent all night long at Jalisco's.

"Giving problems to the customers, want to get in fights with the customers. He want to fight a bunch of people inside. I made the decision to kick out him. My security guard got damaged in the back and damaged in the leg. He had to do what he had to do to defend himself," said Carrasquillo.

Carrasquillo said he fired the two employees involved.

In a statement posted on Facebook, restaurant officials said:

"We at Jalisco Restaurant are aware of the situation that occured last night. We have been serving Milwaukee for over 30 years as a local family owned business and have a great appreciation for our customers and our community.

The actions that the independant security company took in this matter are NOT acceptable and do not reflect Jalisco’s mission or core values. Effective immediately we will have a new security company working our restaurant starting today.

We have been striving to serve Milwaukee to the best of our abilities and we take the protection of our customers very important.

At the time, the wife of the man in the wheelchair said he had to be hospitalized for a head injury.

Police on Tuesday said new video showed a separate fight happened after the victim was escorted out of the restaurant, and the head injury occurred during that fight down the street.

Police said they were seeking suspect(s).