NJ stay at home order continued indefinitely

NEW JERSEY -- There is no end in sight for the stay-at-home order in New Jersey due to the coronavirus outbreak that is blamed for the deaths of more than 6,000 people in the state.

On Monday afternoon, Gov. Phil Murphy explained the steps that will take place to reopen the state.  The state-at-home order has been in place across New Jersey since March 21, 2020.

"To move out from under this order we will need to see, at least, a sustained reduction in the number of new positive COVID-19 test results, new COVID-19 hospitalizations, and other metrics," Murphy said.

He said that there needed to be a 14-day trend of reduced cases before any reopening could take place.

The roadmap he announced included six principals called The Road Back.

1.  Sustained reductions in new cases
2.  Expanded testing and speedier results
3.  Implementing robust contact tracing
4.  Securing safe places for people who are diagnosed in the future can isolate

Under expanded testing, Murphy said that the rate of testing would need to at least double in the state.

He said after the first four steps are met the state could move on to the final steps.

5.  Responsibly restart the economy
6.  Ensuring resiliency in the future

"We only want to have to do this once," Murphy said.