Nicolet parent handcuffed, arrested for bringing root beer barrel to campus

GLENDALE -- Nicolet High School's Booster Club president was hauled off the property in handcuffs after she was arrested for disorderly conduct during Homecoming activities at the school this past weekend. This, after she apparently brought a barrel of root beer to the campus.

According to a police report, a group of people were celebrating near Nicolet's tennis courts, reportedly "drinking something from a keg" and doing "keg stands." However, one parent told FOX6 News it was just a barrel of root beer from which the individuals were drinking.

Joan Clark says school officials asked the group to remove the barrel of root beer from the property. The situation escalated when another parent, and Booster Club President Jennifer Peltz tried to donate the barrel to the students and was "taking it to the concession stand."

The police report states Peltz refused to let go of the barrel. The report says Peltz "pushed her arm towards (the officer) and continued to struggle by attempting to pull away from (the officer's) grasp." Peltz was taken to the ground and forcefully handcuffed.

The police report says Peltz was argumentative and defiant, but Mike Sickorez told FOX6 News he has known Peltz for years, and he said that is not the type of person she is.

"It was pretty shocking to hear about everything that happened. I don`t see her being confrontational whatsoever. Her and husband are very outgoing very involved with community and very involved with kids and schools," Sickorez said.

Surveillance video showing Peltz going through the booking process show her being soft-spoken and obedient.

Overall, many feel it's unfortunate a parent ended up behind bars for trying to promote a fun time.

"I don't see anything wrong with it. It's root beer. It's a soft drink," Sickorez said.

According to the police report, Nicolet's principal said he didn't want the barrel on the property because others could have perceived it as a beer keg, and he didn't want students upside down doing keg stands on school property for their safety.

Many of those involved say it was all in good fun,and they were just trying to lighten the mood for kids who were disappointed the pep rally was cancelled.

Nicolet High School cancelled its homecoming pep rally set for Friday afternoon, September 21st because of “possible disruption” that could have occurred at the rally.

In a letter than went home to parents, the cancellation was explained as follows:

“Due to information we received regarding a possible disruption at this afternoon’s pep rally, and after reviewing this information with the Glendale Police Department, the decision was reached to cancel the 1:30 pm  pep rally.”

The district superintendent said there has been vandalism and threats at the school in recent days.

Earlier last week, some 60 Nicolet High School seniors may have taken a Homecoming Week theme day a little too far on Wednesday, September 19th. The theme seniors apparently chose for their class was “LAX Bros and Preppy School Girls.”

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