Nicolet H.S. spends $1.2 million to prevent future flooding

GLENDALE (WITI) -- Construction has taken over the Nicolet High School parking lot this summer and the Nicolet Unified School District is hopeful it will fix a major flooding problem.

In July of 2010 the school sustained $14 million in damages after rushing water filled hallways and classrooms. The school year was delayed and insurance costs shot up $100,000 more per year.

"Probably the worst professional day of my life," said Director of Facility Services Brian Reiels.

Three years later the district is making sure the water stays out. Since the school sits eight feet below the frontage road, fixing the flooding problem begins in the parking lot. Crews tore apart the blacktop and changed the grading surrounding the building.

"We are the low spot in the neighborhood," said Reiels. "We divert water away from the building and hopefully prevent the kind of damage we had in 2010."

There is a dry pond located at the front of the school to catch any overflow. The school district also created its own stand-alone storm water system.

"We separated ourselves from the DOT and City of Glendale storm water system," said Reiels. "I'm sure we'll have a big rain storm, but after this project we will be much better equipped to handle it."

With construction wrapping up this month, leaders are optimistic the $1.2 million project will prevent further flooding issues. Work on the parking lot is expected to be completed by August 24th.