Nicholas Retzlaff pleads guilty in murder of Peter Holzberger

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- 26-year-old Nicholas Retzlaff, one of two people charged in connection with the murder of 65-year-old Peter Holzberger of Glendale, plead guilty Friday, March 14th.

Prosecutors say the Robert Christophel and Nicholas Retzlaff went to Holzberger’s home on November 5th with the intention of robbing him. According to a criminal complaint, Christophel found Herzberger outside, choked him and broke his neck.

Investigators say the suspects then moved Holzberger inside his home, wrapping bungee cords around his neck. After he died, the two allegedly hid the man’s body in his basement.

Holzberger’s close friend, Sally Stern, asked police to do a wellness check after not hearing from the man for several days.

Authorities say Christophel and Retzlaff stole numerous items from Holzberger’s home over several days after killing him. The two also admitted to using the deceased man’s debit card.

Friends describe Holzberger as a “nice, caring person” with a passion for environmental causes.

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