Newly renovated Buddy Squirrel store now open inside Mayfair Mall

The newly renovated Buddy Squirrel Quality Candy store inside Mayfair Mall is now open, just in time for the holidays! The nearly 100 year old Milwaukee producer of nuts and chocolates has added a few new items at the Mayfair location, including ice cream and coffee, or Buddy Joe.

"We also have toppings and mixes of our signature nuts and chocolate that can go in or on the coffee or ice cream," Buddy Squirrel President Richard Koenings said.

The renovated store has a more modern look, and features new cases, new boxes, new bags, and a new symbol. To celebrate the grand opening of the renovated Mayfair store, the store is offering specially made gift baskets for each location, and the baskets will go to a lucky winner.

Buddy Squirrel says the Christmas season is 40 percent of its business, and they say that could double the number of employees working for Buddy Squirrel.

The store says it plans to begin renovations on the store inside Southridge Mall at the beginning of 2012.