New study shows Wisconsin is 21st most obese state in America

WISCONSIN -- Wisconsin has been ranked the 21st most obese state in America, according to a new report from

The study titled "The Most Obese States in America" analyzed data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) on obesity, exercise, and healthy eating habits.

The CDC estimates 30.1 percent of Americans are obese as of 2017 -- a number that has doubled from 15 percent in 1990.

Wisconsin came in at number 21 out of all 50 states with 32 percent of adults living with obesity.

Here are additional findings for the causes of obesity in Wisconsin:

    Here's a look at the top five most obese states in America, according to the study:

      The CDC says a person is considered obese when their Body Mass Indicator (BMI) is over 30. For example: a person who is 5’9” and weighs 203 pounds qualifies as obese.

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