'New purpose:' The Dress Sequel returns for 2nd year, reselling fashion for a cause

MILWAUKEE -- It's a venue known for its painting parties, but on Saturday, March 9, the Farmhouse Paint and Sip transformed into a place that is helping others get a clean canvas... so-to-speak. Paying it forward, The Dress Sequel has returned for a second year, and the pop-up shop is even more elaborate. Shoppers are getting a great deal while supporting a great cause.

Jarrett Luckett

"New purpose, new experience, and to help them see what is possible for the future," said Jarrett Luckett, executive director of Exploit No More. He's referring to adolescent victims and youth at high risk of human trafficking.

"It's not just women -- it's men," said Amanda Morden, organizer of The Dress Sequel event. "No one is exempt from it."

Morden helped organize The Dress Sequel to help victims.

The Dress Sequel

Amanda Morden

"There are an abundance of people who want to sell things sitting in their closet, and an abundance of people who want to purchase something they can't maybe otherwise find in the store," explained Morden.

Prom, formal, cocktail, bridal dresses and accessories are being sold at a fraction of their original prices, with a portion of proceeds going directly toward Exploit No More's "Elevated Chef" program.

The Dress Sequel

Hayli Donald

"This summer, one of our product offerings will be a food truck," said Luckett. "The reason why we created the business is so we can give different job experiences. Many will be working behind the scene, in marketing, supply-chain management, and food preparation as well."

For Hayli Donald, it was a pleasure to contribute to the cause.

"It's making me feel great about myself, that I get to help other people," said Donald.

For more information on how to donate or buy from The Dress Sequel, click HERE.

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