New mural going up at Marquette University promotes inclusivity

A new mural is going up on Marquette University's campus. Students were involved in selecting the piece and the artist. University leaders hope it promotes inclusivity. 

"We want everybody to be represented, and we want to have everyone have the same time of equity so that, moving forward, we can be reminded that everybody can play a part in moving forward," said Mauricio Ramirez, artist. 

Ramirez's latest creation is called "Our Roots Say That We're Sisters." The painting features four women from different backgrounds on Marquette's campus. 

"We lose so much when we don’t have the perspective of everyone on this campus and campus life. That’s just not how we want it to be," said Susan Longhenry, director and chief curator, Haggerty Museum of Art, Marquette University. 

The women in the mural all have a Marquette connection. The artist and university hope that future students find a piece of themselves within it. 

"I want people to feel inspired. I want people to look at themselves, and reassure themselves and try to bring out everyone’s natural beauty," said Ramirez. 

This, as university officials look forward while valuing the diversity of the student body as a whole.

"This is a start. This is a very visible start at Marquette of a commitment to that," said Longhenry. 

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"By highlighting these specific communities, and diversity and having everyone be represented here is super important because it ultimately builds confidence within the students here and the faculty," said Ramirez. 

The mural is still a work in progress. Students, faculty and staff helped Ramirez continue his work by participating in a community paint day.