New Milwaukee task force explores options for local hot spots

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A new Milwaukee task force met for the first time Friday, December 13th, exploring dozens of ideas for the area's hot spots, including the future of the Bradley Center.

The Cultural and Entertainment Needs task force will look at many different public and private entities in the city for improvement.

The group is made up of 48 members concerned with the future of some of Milwaukee's most notable entertainment venues, like the Bradley Center, and even some lesser known ones.

"I think you got to start with facts," said task force co-chair Chuck Harvey. "If you were making a decision, you'd want to make it based off of the best information, factual information. Not anecdotal and hand waving."

The goal of the committee is to figure out how to improve Milwaukee's entertainment locations and how it can benefit the entire region.

Members of the task force represent varying interests and areas, including the seven surrounding counties. The group will shape the city's future when it comes to things such as the Bradley Center, the symphony or the Milwaukee Art Museum.

"The more voices the better, because at the end of the day a decision is going to be made and whatever that decision is, there's going to be consequences," said Harvey.

Part of the decision making will be based on how other cities have developed their entertainment areas.

"It's really a fantastic way to start this conversation by looking at who has done it and who hasn't done it and what's been the pitfalls and the like," said Harvey.

The Public Policy Forum is doing the research for the task force. Findings will be used to help the diverse group make key decisions on the region's future.

"You want to make sure that the community has had a chance to weigh the puts and takes of what those consequences might make," Harvey said.

The goal of the task force is to preserve and improve the entertainment options and keep Milwaukee a vibrant city.