New "Lovin' Value Menu" being tested at 125 McDonald's restaurants in southeastern Wisconsin

MILWAUKEE – Customers who swing through the drive-thru or order at the front counter at McDonald's this week will notice a different look on the menu board. Debuting in the 125 McDonald's restaurants in southeastern Wisconsin, the test of the Lovin’ Value Menu gives customers the value they’ve come to expect but with greater choice and new tastes to enjoy this summer.

Starting at $1, the Lovin’ Value Menu features a new addition to the McDonald’s line-up, Mozzarella Sticks. This menu item features three Mozzarella sticks that are breaded for stringy deliciousness and served with hot marinara sauce. Customer favorites including the Cheeseburger and McChicken sandwich are part of the $1 menu.

“We know our customers in Wisconsin love cheese, and we are thrilled to be able to offer them a delicious side that tastes so great and is such an amazing value,” said Steve Kilian Jr., local McDonald’s franchisee and member of McDonald’s USA operator advertising board. “The portion size gives customers the opportunity to eat it as a snack or, if they are a little hungrier, use it to accompany a meal.”

Two new sandwiches also are part of the Lovin’ Value Menu. The Signature Chicken and Signature Double Burger feature fresh, crispy lettuce and ripe tomatoes on a bun. The beef sandwich is priced at $2.49, and chicken sandwich is priced at $2.19.

The Lovin’ Value Menu also allows customers to create a smaller meal combination, or mini-meals which include a small order of French fries and a small soft drink. For example, the Signature Double Burger and Signature Chicken sandwiches can be made into mini-meals for $3.99 and the McChicken and Cheeseburger mini meals are $2.99. These combinations did not exist on the previous McDonald’s menu.

“Our customers told us they are looking for the ability to customize their meals a little more,“ said Kilian. “People are snacking more often these days and looking for more options to create a right-sized meal for them. Mini meals allow them to do just that at an amazing value.”

Also included on the Lovin’ Value Menu is the McDouble at $1.39, sharable favorites like the 20-piece Chicken McNuggets for $5 and side salads for $1.

The Lovin’ Value Menu test at McDonald’s extends past the food menu to how the iconic restaurant brand has deep roots in every city and town. As part of the Lovin’ Value Menu launch, McDonald’s operators will be increasing their outreach in the community this summer. Partnering with SHARP Literacy, local McDonald’s restaurants will be sponsoring a summer reading initiative for six urban associations this summer. To generate awareness for the Milwaukee Ronald McDonald House, McDonald’s owner/operators will distribute more than 20,000 free food coupons at Summerfest, Mexican Fiesta and other events and Ronald McDonald will visit more than 50 stores for family night programs.