New law allows Pennsylvania drivers to go through red lights -- under certain conditions

PENNSYLVANIA -- A new law allowing drivers to go through a red light -- under certain conditions is now in effect in Pennsylvania.

Governor Tom Wolf signed the bill into law in July. It went into effect on September 18th.

The new rule allows drivers to go through a red light when the sensor appears to be malfunctioning -- such as if it is blinking or if the light’s sensor appears not to be working, keeping the light from turning green.

The bill does not specify how long a driver must wait at a red light before proceeding through it.

"If the vehicle detection system fails to recognize the vehicle and the driver has come to a complete stop, the driver must then make sure it is safe to continue, and only then would they be able to lawfully proceed with caution through the intersection," State Rep. Stephen Bloom, who introduced the bill, said in a statement.

The law was originally intended to help motorcyclists, but it was expanded to apply to all vehicles.