New George Webb restaurant opens in Sherman Park; owners say, "We're just here to serve them"

MILWAUKEE -- After turmoil and unrest, Milwaukee's Sherman Park neighborhood is rebuilding -- one establishment at a time.

George Webb restaurant in Sherman Park neighborhood

In a neighborhood that has seen a lot of hate, there was plenty of happy on Friday, October 28th. People were excited about the grand opening of a new George Webb restaurant.

The owners, Joey Gudgeon and his wife, Capricious McClain, say it has been a long journey home.

"We are dedicated. My wife and I to making this work and make a restaurant for the community because ultimately it's our customer's restaurant. We're just here to serve them," said Joey Gudgeon.

Joey Gudgeon, owner of new George Webb Restaurant

Gudgeon and his wife lived in the neighborhood for many years. They have seen it suffer.

George Webb restaurant in Sherman Park neighborhood

"I looked at the newspaper and I seen the lossage of jobs and I figured if I can help just a little bit, I would do such. And that's why I'm here," Gudgeon said.

Now, the pair wants to help build Sherman Park back up again.

"One person can't save a community or the world. But one person can help whether that's five jobs, ten jobs, 20 jobs. Every little bit helps," Gudgeon said.

300 people have applied for jobs at the new George Webb location. Gudgeon said he is going to look at every one of the applicants. He hopes to employ as many as he can -- as he has plans for other locations on Vliet, Green Bay and Capitol.